Linda Sze-To – University of Brighton (BA Architecture)

Unlike my previous education system, formal timed examinations and rigid memorization of textbook contents are no longer required. Instead, the inspirations for my design ideas are gained through daily observations and readings, which are critical approaches I have learnt and valued. Architecture in Brighton University has no exam besides a few open book tests. However,[…]

Chun Hei Kwok – Imperial College London (Biomedical Science)

What is Imperial like? Imperial is a welcoming community.  The moment you enter the Institution, you are surrounded by enthusiastic students and staff.  One thing to note, most students are Asian, and nearly 2/3 of students are males (maybe Asian males are more into science and engineering).  Imperial also offers student counselling and mental health[…]

Jason Yee – University of Rhode Island (Mechanical Engineering and German)

This is Jason Yee from graduate class 2011-2012, I’m currently studying International Engineering Program (Mechanical and German Major) in the University of Rhode Island, here by I have a few stories to share with you guys…  ​      It’s been about 2.5 months moving into this new society, I’ve met dozens on amazing people[…]