August 1, 2016


We bear our school’s logo with pride, but ours is more than just a picture…

The logo of Victoria Shanghai Academy Student Alumni Association was inspired by our school’s traditional logo, as can be seen from the blend of the symbolic colors – Navy Blue and Burgundy.

The V-shaped centerpiece of the logo is also inherited from that of VSA, the duality of which represents the bond between the student community and the Association. The overall design and colour choice is meant to resemble and remind us of those days when we wore the signature red, blue and white to school every day.

The simplistic yet bold “ALUMNI” face type, written in white, reflects the purity and strength in our mission and vision. This rests on a classic ribbon at the bottom, which itself represents class and education. While much of the design was drawn from the original school logo, the elements come together elegantly to form a unique symbol, representing us and what we stand for.