Avery Choi – University of Surrey (Digital Media Arts)

What is university life?

University for me, is not very different from IB, packed with essays and assignments. I can ensure that you won’t be shocked by the academic side of things, if you are already used to IB way. The only difference is, by no doubt, the contact hours. In fact, it is the thing that makes all the differences. With so little “teaching” time, we get a lot of time for self learning, in areas beyond the course itself. It nurtures our social, organisational and essential life skills in preparing us to become independent, versatile adults. It is also a great opportunity to meet people of various backgrounds, cultures and races.

Studying at Surrey

Surrey is a rather unique university, one of its kind. It is a relatively new university when comparing to the ones in London, but it has been working its way up in many of the league tables in the recent years. This could been understood by the enthusiastic and motivated students here at Surrey. Only 30 minutes away from London by train, the campus is at the heart of a small, but vibrant city of Guildford. It is known as one of the safest city in England. With plenty of greenery and a quiet town, it has inherently one of best environments for studying.

Like many other UK universities, societies and clubs take up a major part of the university life. Being the Secretary of the Japanese Society and Publicity Officer of the Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services Society, I highly recommend you all to take on a committee role, or at least, be an active member of some societies of your interest. It is a great way to meet people with common interest, but more importantly as committee, it is a rewarding experience to work as a team with people of different cultures.

What is Digital Media Arts? Is it a subject for me?

Digital media arts is a subject for creative minds who are not only interested in one specific type of media. The course offers the opportunity to take a glimpse at different media types, ranging from filming to animation, 3D modelling to graphic design. The first two years helps students to explore and gain professional knowledge of different industry standard creative tools, whereas the third has more emphasis on student’s creative and professional interest, dedicated with a final year project of any kinds.

Just like every other programme in Surrey, placement year plays a major role. Between second and third year, students will be able to do an exchange or placement in the professional industry, with the assistance of the university’s career office. In my opinion, this is rather essential as many employers nowadays favour graduate with fair amount of work experience, especially the media industry.