Alumni Stories – The Three Wise Men (Class of 2012)

Timothy Tse – University of Toronto (Social Science)

​Experiencing university life in a foreign country has been rather difficult yet rewarding. The hugely diversified culture in Toronto is particularly something that I have to take into account when I actually do something as they put huge emphasis on respecting other cultures and background. However, this is a very rewarding experience especially being a Social Science student as this increases my chances to learn about my fellow colleagues and apply this knowledge to enhance my learning.  Despite all this, Hong Kong is still my home and I always stay connected with relatives and friends in Hong Kong. Everything is so much better in Hong Kong compared to Toronto because it seems to me that Hong Kong is a much more civilized and advanced city. Imagining you have no phone signal in the subway at all…

United Kingdom
Alvin Ching – University of Huddersfield (Global Business Management)

Before starting my new university life, I have been worrying a lot about how different will it be compared to our high school life. But after my new university life started, I feel like it is pointless for me to be worrying that much before! It is very easy for me to adapt to this new style of life. I am living on my own now, and I have been making a lot of new friends from different nations too. For now, I can proudly say that I am happy and excited about university life, although there are a lot more work compared to high school, I feel so motivated that even when I am working on essays or presentations, I am enjoying them! In the coming years, I hope that I will feel the same about my university and will be able to meet my old friends that are studying in different universities in UK too.

Hong Kong
Lewis Chan – City University of Hong Kong (Law)

After high school, university is probably the best alternative to carry on with academic studies for most people. Likewise, it is a whole new chapter of my life and is totally different from high school. University gives me a lot of freedom such as that I don’t go to school as often as in high school, I only go to school on a couple of days rather than the whole week. I get to hang out with my friends more often and I have more time to do whatever I want to do. It even offers more opportunities for me such as taking up a position in some societies and gaining some experience as well as to sweeten my résumé. So in general, university is a fun and worthwhile place for an intellectual and entertaining learning experience.