Alumni Stories – Home Sweet Home (Class of 2012)

Minnie Kwan – University of Hong Kong (Social Sciences)

I was very excited and looking forward to university after I finished the IB exam in May last year. I thought it would be a new chapter of my life where wonderful things would happen because everyone kept telling me how amazing their university lives were. Indeed, you get a lot of freedom in university, you can eat in class, no uniforms, and not only free lessons but also you get a whole day or days off, but surely you will have more responsibility. Even though I’m studying in Hong Kong, most of my friends are studying overseas and you start to experience this “cultural shock” in university because it is very different to the culture of VSA. It takes time for us to adapt to university life. Academic-wise, during the orientation camps, you will constantly hear people (seniors) telling us (the juniors) which courses are easier; which courses are good grades; which courses are poor grades etc. And these comments will easily distract you while you’re working on your course selection. I do enjoy my time at HKU, but certainly I am still adapting to university life, because there seems to be a difference between the first semester and second semester. For example the schedule is completely different, some courses are highly competitive because of limited spaces available for that particular class. But still, I enjoyed my time so far in HKU despite the endless readings we got for each courses.


Cissy Chan – Chinese University of Hong Kong (BBA-JD)

I remember how nervous yet excited I was before entering university. University is the time when I can do whatever I want, we can skip lectures, dye our hair, it’s the time without any restrictions or boundaries. Everything has changed, the grading system, the examination method, the way teachers teach, it’s like a complete new chapter of my life. University is a challenge for me, I need to study many subjects, some might seem random, yet it’s rewarding as it allows me to become more independent. It’s great to make new friends, broaden my perspective and expand my scope of knowledge. Despite the workload is still a lot at university, no matter how tired or exhausted and sometimes frustrated I am, I still enjoy my university life and I hope to see my fellow VSA schoolmates more often in the future.