Alumni Stories – Diversity of Dreams (Class of 2012)

Vivian Sze-To – University College London (BSc Biochemistry)

The first few weeks were quite tough and emotionally tiring because I certainly miss home a lot, especially when I first reached a place that isn’t familiar to me.  Although I have to overcome the emotional impact that leaving home has brought to me, this experience definitely shaped me into a more independent and risk-taking individual.  It pushes me to be more outgoing and I am glad that I have now got friends in university with different cultural backgrounds.  

I have also trained myself to be organized enough and self-disciplined in order to cope with the excessive workload.  I live in a self-catered accommodation, which means that I also have to consider groceries shopping, cooking, laundries, other than studying and schooling. Overall, I found it exciting and challenging to study aboard.  But I am so glad to have friends from VSA and UCL that support me throughout the journey!

Christie Ng – Blue Mountains International Hotel and Management School (International Resort and Hotel Management)

I am now studying International Resort and Hotel Management in Blue Mountains International Hotel and Management School after I graduated from VSA (2011-2012). A strong sense of belonging is always present in my current school as staffs and students are all very friendly. They all love to socialize and make new friends, after a few months, we are already like a big family. Although my school expects us to perform high quality hospitality, such as serving food and beverages properly and using our front offices skills to provide the best service, I really enjoy the moments in these practical exercises since I can gain a lot of useful daily-life knowledge no matter they are about bar, sequences of service or coffee etc. After 2.5 years of studying and including 1 year of placement in different hotels in Australia, I am sure I will become a professional Hotel Manager!


Michael Leung – Imperial College (Mechanical Engineering)

Studying in university is not just about gaining the knowledge and skills in your field of study, but also learning to be independent and managing your life. Especially if you are stu​dying abroad like me, you have a lot more control and responsibilities on the way you live. You can choose to be completely focused on studies and be anti-social, or to party all day long and skip as many lectures as you want (not to say that you can graduate if you do that). You also have to take care of your own health and hygiene. Cleaning your room, doing your laundry and preparing your meals are all part of university life.​

Overall, my first three months of university life have been pleasing and rewarding. I’ve met friends from different countries and have certainly learnt a lot in my studies. There are times when I feel nostalgic, but having friends around to talk, play, cook and laugh with really helps dampen negative feelings.

Lastly, I hope you will find your university life a fruitful experience in the future too!