Alumni Stories – AMERICA (Class of 2012)

Leung Pui Yee ​- Albright College
(Business Administration)

I am now studying in Albright College and majoring in Business Administration. I found that college life in USA was way better than I imagined. USA has a completely different culture from Hong Kong, no matter in their lifestyle or the surroundings. Studying in Hong Kong was stressful, yet, surprisingly in America you will actually find learning fun. Since my college is a small one, the relationship between professors and students is very close, we treat each other like friends rather than as students and teachers. Professors are more than willing to help and answer students’ questions. However, when I first came here, I found it pretty hard to adapt to communicating with Americans. I have to get along with people that have different accents as they come from various parts of the world. I also have to train up myself in speaking and listening to American English. This is what I found relatively challenging at the beginning. Overall, I still think America is a great place and I enjoy my college life so much!

Antonio Wang – University of Arizona
(Biochemistry and Mathematics)

I love my university! We have a strong biology program and tons of research opportunities for undergraduate. Most importantly, the famous Biology 5 is in our campus! The weather here is great, it is super hot at times but as a guy who hates cold weather and snow, Arizona is the best state for me. I usually study and do homework from Monday to Thursday, and from Friday to Sunday, it is the time for partying and hanging out with friends! There are a lot of parties in the United States, they are held at different people’s houses and you can meet a lot of new friends from all over the world. University life is extremely great if you can maintain your GPA to some degree. The vital thing is that you have to balance between your academic and social life.

So, yeah, if anyone is coming to UA, welcome! GO CATS!!!