Jonathan Wong – University of Warwick (Law)

To all of those who still have not decided what they want to study in university or what career to pursue, I think it is crucial to bear in mind what your interest really is. By focusing on the course that you have chose to study in university, this means you will be able to grasp a much more in depth knowledge in the subject area you have chosen, provided you work hard enough.

Unlike high school, university is a place where you really have to do your own work outside of class. Take Law as an example, I would probably say 80% of my learning derives from my own readings from the textbooks/articles. Indeed, lectures in universities will often act as a mere guide, highlighting the relevant chapters in a textbook and any relevant case law that you should go on and read in detail outside of class. Tutors will often not devolve their effort to ensure all students are on track with their progress, hence it is vital to be discipline with learning as a university student.

In order to be motivated to do so, frankly you need to make sure you choose the course that you really want to study, where you will be more eager to learn. While parents do often strongly recommend their children to choose certain subjects to study, ultimately it is your own choice.

Another source of motivation is perhaps the career that you would like to pursue after your studies. Take myself as an example, I really want to be a lawyer. So albeit my university life has been really tough with lots of readings and essays, I am motivated to work hard as this is the only way where I can pursue my ideal career.

Last but not least, good luck with your studies and please do treasure your time in VSA, as VSA is the place that I miss the most after being a student for so many years.