VSASAA x PTA – Alumni Sharing Event

Giving back is one of the values we treasure the most. Thank you to all our alumni who kindly volunteered their time to speak to our diploma students and parents about their college experiences in the UK, HK, the USA and more! We learnt a great deal about preparing for the IB exams, how to choose the right university and acquired useful tips the application process. Best of luck to everyone!

Thanks to the alumni members that took their time to share:

Angus Leung (2016)
Candy Tong (2016)
Sakinah Sat (2012)
Karen Young (2015)
Chun To Yeung (2016)
Vennesa Ng (2016)
Audrey Wang (2015)
Hannah Leung (2015)
Joshua Ng (2016)
Megan Ng (2016)
Ryan Tang (2016)
Helen Tung (2015)