Meet Our Team – Head of Event Management

Vennesa Ng (Class of 2016) – Head of Event Management

#1: What’s the #1 skill you’ve gained from VSA?
BE CREATIVE, BE PROUD. When someone tells you ‘NO’, ‘it’s NOT good’ it doesn’t mean you cannot do it, it simply means that you are special. In VSA, we had a lot of chance to voice out our very own ideas, but there are often someone’s disagreeing. Never let them stop you from there, you can always compromise, work out the win win situation.

#2: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How has VSA helped you get there?
VSA provided me a chance to experience how is it like studying in an international school and it gave me an opportunity to compare it with the Hong Kong Education System. Both school helps me to build my own teaching style. In 5 years, I hope to start sharing the knowledge I have been given by the others and wish that someday in some way, it again will be passed on.