Willien Hui – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (BBA)

A year before, I had just submitted my EE final draft to school and on the same day I had my second draft of my Business IA due and submitted as well. One year later, I am already a graduate of VSA, and soon my first semester of university will be completed. How fast time flies? I miss those days a lot. I miss the days when we were still a Year 12 students, fighting against deadlines to have our Internal Assessments completed on time, and I miss those times where we had interclass competitions, house day and swimming gala. But I knew those days will never return. We are old, and we are now university students. I just want to say that: I miss my high school a lot, I miss every single day from my secondary and I miss my senior schoolmates.

        In a world that’s full of competition, arguments and conflicts, everything becomes blurred. But then, you will know there is always one thing that you believe in, that would be you HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOLMATES. They are the REAL True friends of yours. So please do treasure your time in VSA, because you will never have another chance anymore in the future to go back to high school period.