Sakinah Sat – University of Hong Kong (Law)

I’m Sakinah Sat, a graduate from VSA class of 2012. I just wanted to share a few things with the younger generations of VSA students and the rest of the VSA community.

Taking the IB is tough, not in the same sense as the HK A Levels ( which many claim to be one of the toughest curriculums in the world) but rather in the sense that it requires a lot of independent, out-of-the-box thinking. However, taking the IB is also very rewarding, and perhaps, like me, you will find yourself missing VSA and the IB when its time for you to study at university.

To all of those frustrated and stressed with the upcoming final exams: just relax, and enjoy the experience. Enjoy spouting all your worries and ranting to your friends, and more importantly, enjoy those moments spent together in class or in the library, the whole group of you with your heads together, trying to figure out just what your teacher meant, or trying to decipher the ridiculously thick textbooks….for you may never have the chance to work together with a bunch of close friends as innocently and happily as you do now. The world out here is big, and people may not be who they seem to be, but your secondary school friends, those who grew up with you, will always be by your side. This is the spirit of the alumni association.

And to those of you in the lower year levels, who are still struggling to adapt to secondary school life and are clueless as to what the teachers expect from you: you, too should take those worries from your mind. You are so young and there are plenty of opportunities out there for you, don’t be afraid to try. And know, always, that there is the whole family of VSA students, old and young, who are here to support you.