Pong Sin Hang – University of Toronto (Contemporary Asian Studies, Philosophy)

University of Toronto is a really good place for academic pursuit but also personal growth and development. There are many societies like this Hong Kong student union called Novelty my roommates joined as committee members. I participated and helped in several of their events and I truly think joining those student organizations trains up your organizational skills, and provides you with a medium to meet more friends of the same background. It really helps to open up your social network in a place where you are unfamiliar with, it is a great way to engage in non-academic related activities and enrich your university life.

Academically, I finally have the chance to study philosophy as this subject is not offered in the DP program of VSA. Lectures are really different from high school classes, just imagine a huge hall packed with 1000 university students from all over the world, it is really an amazing sight when you first walk to the lecture hall. The professors and tutors were helpful as well. The tutors especially, create an excellent atmosphere for us to discuss the topics and materials of the course in-depth. The course content is relatively much harder than what we study in the IB, I had to pay a lot of effort to complete the readings in order to catch up with the teaching pace. To conclude, Canada is a good place with fresh air and nice people, I really like the environment of Toronto.