Patricia Lau – University of British Columbia (Arts)

Time flies, I can’t believe I have completed my first year of University and I am not a freshman anymore. Studying abroad is one of the most challenging yet rewarding and exciting experiences I have ever had. It was challenging because it was difficult for me to be away from my familiar homeland – Hong Kong for so long. I began to call the residence “home” and in this new home I had no parents to run to, so I did feel overwhelmed sometimes. Most of the friends I met are from my floor because I saw them everyday in the hallway, the elevators and late at night.

Before I’m in University, my cousins always complained to me how sucky dorm life is; luckily my floor mates are very supportive and friendly, they were willing to explain and teach me when I had difficulties on comprehending theories in Linguistics. It was also fun to join different activities and events such as floor dinner; colors war and Do it in the Dark (residence energy- saving competition) that were organized by our residence and houses. I somehow feel regretful for not being active enough to participate in these events due to the heavy workload, which I have lost many opportunities to expand my social network. Overall, I had a great time living on campus and it was an absolutely sad day to have to move out. Living on campus has led me to become more independent and out-going; I really enjoyed having the chance to spend a long period of time living in a new place with people who have different cultural backgrounds.