Jason Yee – University of Rhode Island (Mechanical Engineering and German)

This is Jason Yee from graduate class 2011-2012, I’m currently studying International Engineering Program (Mechanical and German Major) in the University of Rhode Island, here by I have a few stories to share with you guys… 

     It’s been about 2.5 months moving into this new society, I’ve met dozens on amazing people (Uni students and staffs), they’ve given as much assistance as possible to help me along with problems. Even though it sounds perfect, but I do have inner pressure (from studying and work) that I could not express in any ordinary route. I’ve been depressed for the past 2 weeks, everyday I walk 1 hour towards the football field to gaze at stars.


      Think backwards, I regret how I didn’t qualify to study Chemistry, Physics and Maths HL.  I studied all those in Standard Level, and yes you get pass the Diploma very easily, but in the end you have to catch it up in the University siding with harder minors to take care of. Therefore any engineers​ should really be prepared for massive stress and you will certainly have no time to play or socialize anymore.​

       After I’ve made a long chat with my sister, she pointed out that it’s something called growing pain. It turns out that it’s “relatively common among teenagers” and it’s a stage of where one’s growing both in biological and emotional aspect. For more information concerning this topic, please check out “http://theconversation.edu.au/growing-pains-puberty-responsible-for-most-teenage-self-harm-4320 “. Luckily, in the process of growing, no Jason has been harmed. Haha~

       Throughout this time period, I’ve recognized that we’ve been babysit for way too long, starting from the moment we enter Kindergarten till we graduate from Diploma, it takes a high initiative to make you a truly successful person in University. Remember whenever you’re stuck at a problem, go for a walk or tell the person you trust that’s physically around you. In the University, nobody will teach you the exact knowledge, but they will lead you to the path of how to learn the knowledge. Peace Buddy :D​