Jason Yee – University of Rhode Island (Mechanical Engineering and German)

This is Jason Yee from graduate class 2011-2012, I’m currently studying International Engineering Program (Mechanical and German Major) in the University of Rhode Island, here by I have a few stories to share with you guys…  ​      It’s been about 2.5 months moving into this new society, I’ve met dozens on amazing people[…]

Ethan Yeung – University of Cambridge (Education with English)

The education tripos at Homerton College is absolutely brilliant because it offers a multidisciplinary approach to the very real field of education. When being a sociologist, philosopher, psychologist and historian of education is not enough, I can devote whatever attention I have left to the English half of my tripos. Either way, it’s hard to[…]

Pong Sin Hang – University of Toronto (Contemporary Asian Studies, Philosophy)

University of Toronto is a really good place for academic pursuit but also personal growth and development. There are many societies like this Hong Kong student union called Novelty my roommates joined as committee members. I participated and helped in several of their events and I truly think joining those student organizations trains up your[…]